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Delivery Truck

family run

business since 1916

Our Story

In 1916 the business now known as Lazzaro Brothers was started by Bernadino

and Maria Lazzaro who had immigrated to Australia from Italy to start a new life.

Their first store was opened in Raymond Street. They raised six children all of who were involved in the family business in one way or another.

Around 1944 the family ceased business in Sale because of World War two

and moved to Melbourne.

Two of their sons Tista and Bernie served in the war and on returning opened their individual fruit and vegetable shops in Melbourne.


In 1952 on returning to Sale the business was set up again as Lazzaro Brothers with the main store at 176 Raymond Street and two smaller outlets.

Tista and Bernie travelled to the Victoria fruit and vegetable market twice weekly

to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for their Retail and Wholesale business.

In the 1970's Michael son of Tista and John son of Bernie purchased the business.

In 1982 Michael and John decided to move from Raymond Street to York Street to

offer their customers convenient parking and a bigger shop. It was then they operated as self service for the first time. They continued to do their own purchasing at the Melbourne Market two and three times a week.

In 1999 John retired from the business and Michael, his wife Judy and their son

David continued the business.

In 2004 the shop was extended, re-furbished and modernized.

In 2006 David and his wife Carol purchased the business and since that time have diversified into deli and selected gourmet products.

David personally continues to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from the Melbourne Market now at Footscray as well as from local suppliers for his Retail and Wholesale Trade.

Lazzaro Bros is now in its fourth generation with a history of always supplyling the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables at the right price and best possible service.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
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